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Interactive Euler diagram

Germ cell / Cancer (GC) genes entail a subset of genes highly expressed in cancer, but whose expression is normally restricted to the germline. The germline includes the primordial germ cells, which are the embryonic precursors of the adult germ cells. In our study, we aim to provide a selection of genes that are unique to the germline and cancer. Because of their restricted expression in physiological conditions, these genes are attractive candidates for diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. This web-app aims to facilitate identification of such potentially therapeutically relevant genes.

In particular, the graphs visualize the distributions of gene expressions in human primordial germ cells (hPGCs), primordial germ cell-like (PGC-like) cells, healthy somatic tissues (taken from GTEx database), and cancer cells (taken from TCGA database).

The selection criteria can be changed by dragging the handles in each graph, or by manually setting the numerical values below each graph. A new set of genes that satisfy the adapted selection criteria is then re-computed. The Venn diagram below visualizes the extent to which the re-computed gene set overlaps with previous studies that attempted to obtain similar selections with adult germ cells (Bruggeman et al. 2018) and whole testis tissue (Almeida et al. 2009 & Wang et al. 2016). Re-computed sets of genes can be downloaded for further research or analysis.

This application supplements our study entitled “Tumors widely express hundreds of embryonic germline genes”.

The current selection is the set of genes that are currently selected in the
(Human PGC PGC-like cell histogram) and the GTEx histogram and the TCGA histogram